Buzzing Creatives

The Strategic Website Design Roadmap

The Challenge:

Tript & Prabh are sisters with a passion for helping creative entrepreneurs grow their businesses online by leveraging social media. As women of color and children of immigrant parents, their business focused on serving other women who felt like outsiders in the creative community.

While they had a website already, it was not well-designed to direct their community members and clients to the right places to find the products, services, and blog posts they were looking for. The layout was not strategic, as new pages were simply added as needed and it was not attracting the dream clients they wanted to serve.

The process:

We started by evaluating the current Buzzing Creatives website to determine which pages were needed and what could be removed or simplified.

Tript & Prabh wanted to maintain the minimal feel of their current website while incorporating all of the elements of their re-brand. By focusing on the most important pages and making navigation simple, we laid out a two phase plan for the design.

During Phase I, we would determine the overall feeling and direction of the website and create the most important pages in time for the yearly launch of their Pinterest course. During Phase II, we would continue to build on the initial design and add pages for the community and services Buzzing Creatives offers.

Once the plan was set, I outlined content we needed so Tript, Prabh, and their team could write the copy and cull the images they wanted to feature.

I mocked-up the major pages for Buzzing Creatives to review and we refined the design over strategy calls and live workshop time. Once the design was approved, I developed each of the pages, including templates for email courses.

Before launch, I tested the entire website and made sure the mobile version of the website reflected the desktop design.

Since the initial launch, I have continued to partner with Buzzing Creatives to complete Phase II of the design.

unique features:

  • Squarespace website

  • Custom CSS throughout

  • Custom navigation elements

  • Custom font addition

  • Easy to update

  • Detailed Services pages

  • Interactive Community page

The outcome:

Buzzing Creatives launched their Pinterest Course and free email course. Tript & Prabh have grown her business and are now reaching more of their dream clients and have been creating services to better service their audience.

  • Email List Subscribers up 23%

  • Search Traffic up 13%

  • Unique Visitors up 79%

  • Pageviews up 105%

*In the 6 months after launch

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