New Brand for a Country Inn

The Old Farmhouse Inn | Lemon and the Sea: New pattern and print design for a small country inn

I love when I have the opportunity to design for small businesses. In this case, I was able to help The Old Farmhouse Inn in North Carolina create a new brand that better reflected their purpose and mission. The Inn is all about connecting visitors to the natural environment and providing a simple, rustic place to get away from the hustle of the city.

I created the logo by sketching and digitizing a side view of the Inn. The hand drawn ascetic lends the simple, down to earth feeling the owners love and provided a unique design that is recognizable both online and in print.

When choosing the color palette, I was drawn to the natural colors found in the forest around the inn.  Since the business didn't care about keeping any of their previous brand visuals, I chose entirely new colors that are calm and clean.

I decided to keep the fonts clean and chose to use serif fonts for both the logo and the body font. The historic significance of the Inn, as well as the owner's dedication to keeping the decorations and Inn itself as close to the priginal as possible, really informed my choice of fonts.

I was most excited to have the chance to design a custom pattern to be used on all of the Inn's print documents and possibly on it's website in the future. I chose a pine needle motif because of all the pine trees in the are and stayed within the chosen color palette so that the pattern would be cohesive with all the other design elements.

The most important aspect of this project was the creation of print documents that could replace all the Inn's more generic information packets. Using the text provided, I created a variety of page layouts that are consistent with the overall brand and work together to give a cohesive look to all of the print items that a visitor would encounter, from making reservations to finding local attractions to visit.

I loved the creative freedom that a total redesign allowed for this project and the owner's are very pleased with the outcome of the design. The consistency achieved through the color and font palettes, as well as the new pattern, truely reflect the historic and natural feeling that the Inn brings to all of it's visitors.

Is your business in need of a more consistent visual brand?

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