New Brand for Confident Photographers

New Brand for Confident Photographers | Lemon and the Sea: New logo, color palette, and pattern design for the new Confident Photographer's membership site and Facebook group.

At the end of 2015, I was able to work with the amazingly talented Julie Renner to help her create a logo and visual brand for her group, Confident Photographers. Julie is passionate about teaching everything she's learned about running a photography business to those looking to break in to the business. While Julie was hard at work taking photos for my website update, I helped her turn her vision of a feminine, warm, authentic brand into a reality.

Starting from an Inspiration

The Confident Photographer's brand started from a single inspiration image that Julie created for her Facebook group, and a clear direction. The brand needed to appeal to young women ready to let go of their full time jobs in order to pursue photography as a career. Because Julie was already working with these women on Facebook, she was able to give me a really clear picture of who she was targeting.

The Color Palette

I started with the color palette, using Julie's inspiration image as my guide. We chose a denim blue accented by natural and feminine colors.

The Logo Concepts

Since the Confident Photographers' logo is primarily text based, I started with a few font options and allowed Julie to choose her favorite. From there, I made a few tweaks and started working on a camera icon to accompany the logo.


The Icons

We knew that we wanted to include a camera icon that would work well with the logo, but could also be used on it's own.

The Final Design

Once Julie chose her favorite, I tweaked the text a bit at her request and played around with the camera icon to make it stand out. The final icon uses the neutral beige color as a "C" to represent her brand and add some interest.

Pattern Design

Julie also requested a few pattern designs that she could use in her graphics. Here, like the rest of her brand, I kept things simple and light.

All of the design elements work together well to create a consistent brand that reflects the mission and audience of Confident Photographers. Julie was a joy to work with, as we trusted one another enough to allow for some creative freedom and open feedback.