New Brand for Moments on Film from Stephanie de Geus

New Brand for Moments on Film from Stephanie de Geus | Lemon and the Sea: Logo design for three companies

When Stéphanie first approached me about working together I was a little overwhelmed that the thought of designing logos for her three different websites that all had a consistent vibe. I'd never done a project like this before - usually when I design a logo, it's only a single logo that then is translated into a few different logo options for different platforms. Once I started digging into Stéphanie's vision, though, I knew that this was a project I wanted to be a part of.

I want to inspire people to live the life they know they can live. So I want my brand to breathe that as well.
— Stéphanie de Geus

Stéphanie already had some basic logos, but felt that they didn't reflect her vision for what she wanted to accomplish. She described her brand as passionate, creative, wild-hearted, free, inspired, joyful, unique, original, brave, and daring. Her ideal client is "a #girlboss who is in LOVE with what she does (with a vengeance), someone with a deep desire to help and make the world a better place." Now that's a mission and vision I'm on board with!

Mood Board

I started the design process by creating a mood board based on Stéphanie's questionnaire and her Pinterest board. It was really important that this first step was right on target so that it could guide the rest of the design.

Color Palette

After the mood board was approved, I moved on to finalizing the color palette. This was a fairly simple task, as Stéphanie loved the colors in the mood board and I just had to round them out with a few neutrals.

Logo Options

I always start my logo designs with a few options and refined from there. Because I was designing three logos for this project, I chose to start with Stephanie's photography business, Moments on Film. Although none of these initial designs really stood out her Stéphanie as "the one," we were able to use these as a starting place to move forward.

Icon Design

In addition to text logos, Stéphanie wanted to incorporate some icons into her brand that she could use with the logo or separately, depending on the platform. These icons (for Moments on Film and Stéphanie de Geus) were the next step in my design.

Final Logos

Once the icons were finalized, I was able to combine them with an updated logo design that brings together a very simple sans-serif fonts with a fun handwritten one. The two together, along with Stéphanie's brand colors, truly reflect the feeling Stephanie was trying to achieve.

In the end, Stéphanie truly loved her new logos and I loved working on bring her vision to life in a way that reflected her.

I loved your approach and how you really took the time to get to know me and my business. You communication was clear and you really created three lovely logos for me.
— Stéphanie de Geus

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