New Brand for Each Instant Photography

Each Instant Photography | Lemon and the Sea: A new brand design from Lemon and the Sea for a lifestyle and senior photographer featuring green, brown, and pink color palette and a watercolor + font logo. Also featured are the Welcome Packet documents created for this brand.

Sometimes in a creative business you don't have a specific client, but you really want to create something. In my case, I had been thinking about designing a photography brand, but didn't have a photography client at the time. Instead of waiting, I decided to go ahead and create a brand that I loved for a specific type of photographer.

To start, I got very detailed about the type of photographer I was designing for: a portrait photographer targeting both men and women who wanted to stay away from the pretty pastels that are so popular right now.

Mood Board

I started this project just like I do any other: with a mood board of images and colors that reflected the brand I wanted to build. The feeling is moody, natural, and comfortable.

Logo Ideas

I loved the idea of incorporating a pretty watercolor with a more moody brand.


Final Brand

The final brand is still a bit moody, but is also bright enough to appeal to a wide audience. To compliment the logo, I created some simple alternatives. Two patterns round out the branding and allow for a lot of flexibility.


Because building a strong client relationship is so important in any service-based business, I created a variety of collateral to be used in a welcome packet for new clients including a contact card, welcome letter, ad, pricing menu, and business card.

I loved creating this brand, especially when building welcome packet collateral that incorporated all the brand elements so that everything would be consistent and recognizable.

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