New Brand for Baking Themed Bridal Shower

New Brand for Baking Themed Bridal Shower | Lemon and the Sea: A new design from Lemon and the Sea featuring a blue, purple, and pink baking themed invitation suite with pattern.

Designing a brand for an event is one of my favorite ways to use my design skills when I'm not helping creative entrepreneurs build their own brands. Recently, I hosted my sister's bridal shower and I loved experimenting with building a design she loved.

The Process

At first, I wasn't sure how to start designing for an event, but I found that it was best to start where I always do with my clients: with the inspiration. In this case, that inspiration came from my sister's love of baking and the many beautiful bridal shower images I had seen on Pinterest.

Once I had the theme nailed down, I chose a color palette for the event. I started with blue and purple, as those are my sister's wedding colors, but played around with the exact colors and rounded those out with a few more soft shades.

The Design

Once I had the color palette in place, it was really important that I start on the pattern design, as I knew I wanted the pattern to be the element that tied everything together. I created a pattern of kitchen utensils in the event colors and tweaked it until I had a repeating pattern that I could use on each piece of collateral.

After that, the rest of the design came together quickly - I used the same fonts as the wedding invitation and built an entire group of printed items, including the invitation, recipe card, bingo card, food labels, and a cute card for the favors.

The Decorations

Partly because I'm an overachiever and partly because I love creative projects, I also designed all of the event decorations to match the brand. This was a simple event, so I stuck with plastic table clothes and pretty table decorations made with paper flowers (which took me over a month to make by hand).

Overall, the event was a total success and we all loved that everything came together so well as a reflection of my sister.

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