Your brand is more than just a logo or a website - it represents  who you are and how you communicate with the world.

You’ve worked too hard building your business to be cringing at your old logo or fighting with your website.


This is for you if...

  • you have a business, but you need help pulling everything together to be seen as an expert
  • you know that your brand matters, but you're not sure how to take it to the next level
  • you want to be involved in the branding process from start to finish
  • you're ready to work with experts who will give you  a brand that is a reflection of you

Or maybe...

  • you're tired of trying to fit all the pieces of your brand together
  • you want to take your business in a new direction, but you don't have time to do it on your own
  • you're ready to start a new venture and want a brand that reflects your passion
  • you want to work with people you can depend on, even after your new brand is launched


Introducing The Lemonade Collective

The Lemonade Collective brings together everything you need when updating your brand which ensures that it will be cohesive with your vision. Instead of hiring a designer, photographer, copywriter, and strategist separately and hoping that everything comes together, the team members of The Lemonade Collective work together from the very start of your project. And, you’re involved in the communication and collaboration every step of the way. It’s like having a team for your business without actually having to hire employees. All of the benefits, none of the headache.

Meet Our Team:

You want to get on Skype (or the phone) and talk through things. You want to give suggestions and see what that looks like. You want a team that you can build a relationship with, not just someone who asks a few questions, looks at a Pinterest board, and doesn’t email you again until the project is finished (we would hate that too). We focus on working with people like you who WANT to be involved in the branding process, so we do things differently. 

The Lemonade Collective All-in-One Brand Experience including Branding, Website Design, Copywriting, Photography, and Social Media Strategy

Samantha is a brand and website designer who helps creative entrepreneurs share their vision through design. A Pittsburgh native now living in Richmond, Virginia, her background is in design and  architecture.  She spends her days designing and her evenings watching Netflix with her husband and their dog #gambittheweshi.

Find her at Lemon and the Sea.

The Lemonade Collective All-in-One Brand Experience including Branding, Website Design, Copywriting, Photography, and Social Media Strategy

Jennifer is a copywriter and Copyblogger-certified content marketer. Her words help personality driven brands connect with their dream clients. Based in Washington, D.C., she loves getting to collaborate with business owners from around the world. She specializes in strategies and techniques that convert and make sales. 

Find her at Jennifer Myers Creative Communication.

The Lemonade Collective All-in-One Brand Experience including Branding, Website Design, Copywriting, Photography, and Social Media Strategy

Amber is a photographer, a lover of life, a crazy cat lady, a graduate of fine arts school, a believer in second chances, a foodie, a mother, a one cup of coffee a day sipper, a cheeky, obsessed with anything gold or orange, sarcastic woman with a passion for an authentic life. You can find her chasing beautiful light with her camera in hand.

Find her at Amber Kay Photography.

The Lemonade Collective All-in-One Brand Experience including Branding, Website Design, Copywriting, Photography, and Social Media Strategy

Bri is a content strategist and a Jill-of-all-trades who teaches entrepreneurs what, when, and where to post the content that fulfills them in a way that will create intensely loyal communities. Her background is in anthropology and she currently lives on the Texas side of the Louisiana border where she spends her free time on the bayou.

Find her at White Bayou Collective.

What You Get:

  • Exercises to help you dig into your brand and figure out what makes you stand out
  • A custom design that truly reflects the person behind your business
  • Copywriting for your website and welcome packet that helps you explain who you are and what you do
  • Photography styled to fit your brand and ready to include on your website and social media (including your products!)
  • Social media and newsletter strategy to help you connect with your audience
  • Website design on Squarespace with on-going support and tutorials for updating the site later
  • Opt-in design and strategy made to fit your dream clients
  • A Brand Strategy Guide that will give you all the information you need to continue building your brand
Performer Brand Squarespace Website
This was one of the simplest, quickest, and most helpful processes I have been through. Everything was spelled out easily for me. The correspondence between us was always quick and communicated well. I enjoyed collaborating and being able to make some of the design decisions myself while still having such strong guidance. I really feel like this will be a long-lasting tool for my career and it all happened so fast!
— Sydney Troxler | Sydney Troxler

Want a Brand that Reflects You?

Our method works because we're COMMITTED to working with you every step of the way.

We get it - you're busy. Too busy to figure out how to build a new website and certainly too busy to spend all day sending emails back and forth between your designer, photographer, and copywriter to make sure they are all working in line with your brand.

You have big dreams. You know that your work has value. However, you’ve gotten so caught up in keeping your head above water that you don’t have time to dig into your brand the way you know you need to. Neglecting your brand prevents you from becoming known as an expert. You’re not here to be seen as mediocre.

Instead of trying to do it all yourself, let The Lemonade Collective come alongside you and share your vision.

Fashion Blogger Brand Design
I loved the process that was set up. It felt easy to express what I wanted and we were in constant communication until I decided on what I wanted.
— Astrid Delgado | Astrid Stars

Our Process:

The branding process is designed to outline each step exactly where you need it so that you know exactly what will be completed when and how every piece of your brand works together.


  • Intro Call: to make sure this method makes sense for you and to make sure we’re a good fit

  • Project Scheduling: so you’ll know exactly when to expect each step to be complete

  • Branding Exercises: so you can start to dig into what makes you and your business special

Week 1-2:

  • Brand Research & Strategy: This includes a strategy call to go over the branding exercises, talk about your ideal client, and get to know the story of your business. We'll also work together to create a Mood Board that will guide the rest of the project.

Weeks 3-4:

  • Brand Identity: This includes a color palette, font palette, logo design, and alternative logo.

  • Copywriting: This includes a strategy call to determine your brand voice and  help you write up to 6 pages of copy for your website and up to 10 pages for your Welcome Packet (the information you give your clients when they book with you).

Weeks 5-6:

  • Website Layout: We will take your brand identity and website needs and create a basic layout for your website. This will include setting the styles for your site, creating the pages you need, and laying out each page. You'll have a chance to give feedback before the website is launched.

Week 7-8:

  • Collateral Design: This includes business cards, your Welcome Packet layout, and a social media header that you can use on Facebook and Twitter, all based on your brand identity.

  • Photography: We will take images styled and edited to fit your brand. These images will be used on your website and social media so that your visual brand is consistent and you have a bank of images to share. If you make a product, we can include it in these images.

Weeks 9-10:

  • Social Media Strategy: This includes a strategy call to help you determine which platforms are best for your business and we'll help you develop a strategy for marketing and connecting on three platforms, as well as through your newsletter.

  • Website Design: We will update and customize your website, as well as test the functionality, so that everything is ready to launch. You will also receive video training on using the website platform on your own.

Weeks 11-12:

  • Brand Launch: We'll get your new website live and help you promote your new brand!

  • Opt-in Design: This includes a strategy call to help you develop an effective opt-in to help you grow your audience.

Weeks 13-16:

  • Ongoing Website Support: After your launch, you will receive 20 hours of on-going website support from Lemon and the Sea to answer questions or make updates as needed.

Ready to take your brand to the next level?

What is My Investment?

Your investment starts at $1,500/month for 5 months. We also offer headshots (for those local to Richmond, VA), additional copywriting, and extended website support at an additional cost.


Who Do You Work With?

We specialize in working with creative business owners who enjoy being involved in the process. Our process is designed to work best for those who have been in business for a few years and are ready to take their brand to the next level – and want a team to help them do that. From designers and makers to writers and bloggers, photographers and planners to coaches and consultants, we’re here to help you focus on the things that make you unique in your industry and translate those into your brand and website. We will help you dig into your business, share your vision, and build a brand that represents you.


How will we collaborate?

We use Basecamp as our project headquarters. This is where you will find any documents needed for the project, as well as your To-do List. We will also communicate through Basecamp and you'll be able to see the progress as it happens.

Why an All-in-One Branding Method?

As a designer, I helped creative entrepreneurs share their vision through their brand and website, but something was missing. My clients struggled to share their vision through their copy. They had no idea where to find photos that fit their brand or how to grow their social media following. I knew that there was a way to help, so I found a way to bring together a team of creative experts who all focused on one aspect of branding and created a method that incorporated everything a creative entrepreneur needs to build their brand.


How Much Time Will I Have to Put In?

Our unique method requires that you be committed to the branding process in order to get the most out of the final product. As part of our process, you will need to dedicate the most time at the beginning of the project  - completing exercises and questionnaires. These will take a few hours, but you'll have at least two weeks to get everything finished before we get down to business. Once the project begins, you'll need to be available for scheduled strategy calls and to give feedback. This will take 1-2 hours per week.

Let's Build a Brand that Represents You

New York City Interior Designer Squarespace Website
My website was up and running quickly so I could benefit from the new site design. The clarity of communication and rapid turnaround on questions and feedback gave me confidence that all the details would be taken care of. We were able to collaborate towards a great finished product.
— Jennifer Levy | CAVdesign